New footage shows Street Fighter’s best moment is still as exciting now as it was 15 years ago

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Even if you don’t enjoy fighting games, there’s no denying that “Evo Moment 37” is one of the very best moments not just in fighting games, but in competitive video games as a whole. It’s a bit of a semi-final match at Evo 2004, where Daigo Umehara – playing as Ken – made an unexpected comeback, parrying 15 consecutive hits of Justin Wong’s Super Art (as Chun-Li). To top it off, he had just a single pixel of health, which means a single hit and he’d have been toast. Instead, he parried each hit and came back with his own devastating combo to drain the last third of Wong’s health bar.

It was an incredibly risky move, especially given the required timing – but it worked out, delivering one of the most iconic moments in video games. We’ve been watching the same grainy clip of the feat for over a decade, but now, fifteen years later, there’s some crisp new footage of Evo Moment #37.

The new footage – courtesy of Evo’s Mark Julio – not only delivers the events from a new angle, but you can actually hear people talking about the match as it happens, adding a new layer to this historical moment.

And honestly? Watching it has given me goose bumps all over again. The way the crowd just explodes when the parry’s complete and Daigo launches into his counterattack is incredible. Here’s the original footage, just for reference.

Last Updated: April 11, 2019

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