New GTA V details reveal a Chop

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Lookit my dog, my dog is amazing

Grand Theft Auto got a first gameplay trailer last week, and people are still raving about it. The game is looking good so far, and most likely cost a ton to produce. Rockstar is going to need to make some serious cash back, which is why they’ll be releasing in Japan earlier than they usually would. And that move has revealed a few interesting new details about the game.

While western markets get the game on September 17, the land of the rising sun and that insane Ninja Warrior game show will be getting their hands on it on October 10. Famitsu via VG247 revealed that GTA V will allow players to have their own dog by the name of Chop, because dogs in games are a thing now.

Chop can be customised with collars and accessories, although there’s no word on whether you can neuter him yourself. Also, you need to keep an eye on Chop or otherwise he’ll bugger off. Also, there’s no word yet if Chop will be as fancy as Super-Tyson, but I doubt it.

Haters gon' hate

GTA V will also be pulling a Red Dead Redemption with wildlife, as the game will be home to 15 types of wild animals.

There’ll also be improved animations, such as each of the the three lead characters having their own unique walking motion, while a full-on underwater mission with Michael and Trevor brings jet-skis back to the game.

GTA V is looking simply massive at this point, as a single-player game. But I want to see what Rockstar has in store with that teased GTA V Online component, later this year.

Last Updated: July 16, 2013

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