New IP Announced: Tom Clancy’s The Division

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Last but not least, Ubisoft shows off a new IP which is an MMO, coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The opening cinematic demonstrates just how quickly a plague or infection can take over, and it certainly isn’t pretty. We are thrust into a desolate world where infection has clearly caused an insane amount of chaos, and society is falling apart. Snow falls onto the deserted street amidst some burnt out cars, setting a gritty scene for what looks like a gritty game. Welcome to Manhattan, its not as pretty as it used to be.  

The user interface looks awesome, with the map of the city being shown in 3D on the floor as the player calls it up. Information is highlighted everywhere the player looks. The location of interest is a police station and en route, gunshots are heard and combat takes place. A quick look at the inventory shows a variety of gadgets and items at the players disposal, but none of these are demonstrated.

The whole time this gunplay is taking place, there is constant banter between the players in game. They comment on the situation as it unfolds; enemy locations, numbers of enemies, compliments and much much more. If this sort of banter happens through the game, and its fresh and unique each time, it will make for one hell of an immersive experience. I did initially think that it was just the actual players chatting to each other, but the radio crackle and such led me to think otherwise. After clearing out the immediate danger outside the station, the players head inside. A police officer gives them the code the the armoury, and they head to it to restock and move out.

As the players head out, the are confronted by new enemies (possibly other players in the world) and the game introduction ends.

It certainly looks fascinating, and I’m keen to hear more about this game. 

Last Updated: June 11, 2013

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