New L.A. Noire screens to get excited over

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Rockstar Games’ upcoming L.A. Noire is looking fantastic. There is some serious facial animation tech behind the game, and part of the gameplay mechanics will see players trying to figure out whether people are lying during interrogations. To do this you’ll have to watch their facial expressions closely. It’s a neat idea, and one that lends itself well to a detective style of game.

At the moment, L.A. Noire is looking like GTA meets Heavy Rain. In the screens that follow, there’s a good mix of action, guns and investigatory scenes going on. The game is definitely something to look forward to. Rockstar does not disappoint when it comes to developing awesome content, and a new IP from them is something to definitely get excited about.


*Not an actual game quote, but it could be. I mean, look at him! That guy looks angry; better do as he says.

Last Updated: March 2, 2011

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