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New Metro 2033 Screenshots

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THQ has just sent over a whole pile of new Metro 2033 screenshots for us to ogle over.

The screens are showing an incredibly beautiful, in an ugly sort of way, world which looks like it will be a creepy sort of place to move around in.

The screenshot with the dead soldier in the hallway is easily my favourite of the lot, wow that sounds bad.

You’ll understand what I mean if you click through and check them all out.

As always click on the images to enlarge them.

Who Goes There


Cold… so very cold 49622_METRO_2033_1-12-09_ONLINE_1ST_HANDS_ON_08

If you say boo I will kick your ass 49623_METRO_2033_1-12-09_ONLINE_1ST_HANDS_ON_10

It’s time to open a can of Woopass 49624_METRO_2033_1-12-09_ONLINE_1ST_HANDS_ON_07

My favourite one – It has so much character 49625_METRO_2033_1-12-09_ONLINE_1ST_HANDS_ON_06

Snow time is fun time49626_METRO_2033_1-12-09_ONLINE_1ST_HANDS_ON_05

You do realise we are all going to die 49627_METRO_2033_1-12-09_ONLINE_1ST_HANDS_ON_04

Who farted? 49628_METRO_2033_1-12-09_ONLINE_1ST_HANDS_ON_03

Seriosuly don’t go up the stairs49629_METRO_2033_1-12-09_ONLINE_1ST_HANDS_ON_02

Ching Chong Cha 49630_METRO_2033_1-12-09_ONLINE_1ST_HANDS_ON_01

Why Yes I am happy to see you 50039_METRO_2033_-_screens_-_13th_Jan_06

Last Updated: January 15, 2010

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