New Mighty No 9 gameplay trailer is pure cross-buy nostalgia

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Mighty no 9

Being far away from home has been really hard, but it has resulted in some awesome finds – all my old NES and SNES games. The original games that shaped how I perceive the gaming world have been unearthed and it made me incredibly happy to see my childhood given physical form. This Mighty No 9 trailer almost made me just as happy, especially because it’s not just nostalgic; it’s also gorgeous and modernised.

Sometimes we are so clouded by nostalgia, we forget to actually apply the lessons of the past. This is not the problem with Mighty No 9. Check out the latest trailer:

Not only does gameplay harken back to everything that made Mega Man glorious, there’s something else to make gamers happy. Mighty No 9 has cross-buy in digital and physical versions. That’s right, if you buy the mighty sexy retail PS4 version, you’ll also have it on PS3 and PS Vita. And yet again I wonder if I shouldn’t buy myself a Vita… Never fear though – if you don’t have any PlayStation platforms, you can still get Mighty No 9 for your platform of choice seeing as it looks like it’s coming to all of them, even Wii U and Mac.

I knew that I was excited for this game, but it was only upon seeing the gameplay trailer again that I remembered just how excited I am. Come on 18 September, hurry up and get here so that I can channel my childhood and get all giddy using enemy powers against them.

Last Updated: June 4, 2015

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