New OutRun game to hit consoles, maybe.

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According to the OFLC, which is the official media age classification body for Australia, Sega and THQ are working on a new OutRun game.The OFLC website provides the name OutRun Online Arcade, and claims the game will be a multiplatform venture for the two companies.

So we know it’s online but I must wonder if the word “arcade” is too be taken literally as in, it will be appearing on XBLA, PSN and Wiiware. The last time I played an OutRun game was ages ago and to be honest it didn’t really leave any kind of lasting impression besides the pixelated red rear-end of a Ferrari F40 in my mind. But I do believe it has a very loyal fanbase and this news will excite a lot of gamers.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: November 18, 2008

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