New PS3 Slim will be $499 in Australia

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So have you been wondering how much of this new price cut will land up here in Australia?

Well according to a new flyer sent out by Gametraders we can start pre-ordering our PS3 Slims for the new low price of $499 which compares favourably to the European price of 299 Euro’s but is over $100 more than our American friends are being made to pay.

Let’s also not forget that $499 is $50 cheaper than the Blu-Ray-less Xbox 360 Elite, which makes it an even more appealing prospect.

Last Updated: August 20, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • RSA-Ace

    Anyone know what the old AUS price was?

  • RSA-Ace

    Ok so it used to be 699 AUD (not AUS) from what i could tell. So if this is true then they got a 200 AUD drop in price! thats pretty good. I still think the console will sell for R3699 or R3799

  • Not that it’s a bad thing but how did you get to this story? It shouldn’t have been visible to the South African’s on the site?

  • easy

  • Brett

    I can see it too, it shows up in my RSS feed 🙂

  • Rick

    They got more than a quarter slashed of the price in AUS and in the USA it was exactly a quarter so yes we should see R5000 go to R3750. BUT you can find a places that sell the PS3 for R4600 right now and those places should go to around R3300 – R3500. Hopefully. 🙂 . Then the secondhand consoles will also hopefully sell for under R2700.

    PS I bought my 80GB PS3 new and sealed with a year warranty last December for R3300 with a little bit of bargain shopping so people who do the same this December should be able to pick up the slim for R2XXX. :w00t:

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