New Resident Evil 7 teasers showcase the item box and ringing phones

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Resident Evil 7

My biggest problem with Resident Evil 7 thus far is that it looks like it has nothing in common with the franchise its set in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the reboot and return to horror roots, but I feel like I still know nothing about the damn game.

Admittedly, Resident Evil 7’s ESRB rating somewhat settled my concerns. In it we learnt that we would be searching for answers in a derelict mansion, all the while making use of certain weapons to dispatch mutant creatures. That reminds me of Resident Evil 1, which makes me very happy.

But I can’t shake that feeling that there’s still no real sense of familiarity. Are Capcom changing the formula of 7 so drastically that we won’t even recognise it as a Resident Evil game when it launches?

Thankfully, no, it doesn’t seem that they are. They’ve just released two new teaser trailers, one of which contains a sight (or two) for sore eyes (via PC Gamer):

Item boxes are a series staple, and one I’m happy to see make a return in Resident Evil 7. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll see that this video also teases an inventory management system very similar to the one seen in 4. In In it you see a knife, shotgun, and pistol organised to make the most of the limited space. Lastly, the item box contains an item called ‘Stone Statuette’, which I’m assuming will be used to solve some or other puzzle.

That’s a great teaser. It’s got just enough familiarity in its 30 seconds I reckon to keep fans interested and eager to see how Resident Evil 7 turns out.

This next video however, does nothing for me. It contains ringing phones in different locations, followed by what line?

  1. Hello, yes this is dog
  2. 7 days
  4. You really shouldn’t have come here

Of course it’s the last option. How cliché! I am interested to know what mechanic the phones make up though. Are they just there to ring and harass  the player throughout the game? Or do they have some other proper use?

Last Updated: October 17, 2016

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