New Screenshots Of The Last Guardian Released

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The Last Guardian is an upcoming game that is getting a lot of people very excited for its release.

The previous titles from developer Team ICO really hit a special spot for a lot of gamers and have proven that they can bring a different angle to videogaming experiences. Some new screenshots have been released for the game and are pretty much just high resolutions screens taken from the trailer that you have already seen, but still worth a good look.

Hit the jump for the gallery.

500x_tlg1.jpg 500x_tlg2.jpg 500x_tlg3.jpg 500x_tlg4.jpg 500x_tlg5.jpg 500x_tlg6.jpg  500x_tlg7.jpg 500x_tlg9.jpg

More screenshots and info can be found at the new official Japanese site, here .

Source: VG247

Last Updated: February 2, 2010

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