New Shaun White DLC is Freeeeeeee

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Karl reported a while back about how he felt Ubisoft were ripping the ring when it came to charging 400 points for some dodgy clothing in Shaun White’s snowboarding game… 

Well it seems that Ubisoft has taken notice of our complaints and have moved to fix the problem, it has just been announced that the next set of DLC for SW’s game will be completely and entirely free. The new DLC is also just a bunch of clothing and board skins but hey it’s free which makes it instantly cool.

Apparently Xbox360Fanboy are also trying to take credit for this huge Lazygamer coup but we know the real truth don’t we…

This ws first announced by Major Nelson so I don’t know if the PS3 fans are getting the same treatment, but I would expect them to

Last Updated: January 16, 2009

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