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All the new story, Escalation Protocol information and weapon tuning of Destiny 2 Warmind revealed

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On May 8, Destiny 2 kicks off a third season of action that has one goal in mind: pleasing its fans who are starving for new content. In a livestream hosted by David “Deej” Dague from Bungie and featuring plenty of development staff, it looks like that hunger is about to be sastisfied and then some. In case you missed it, here’s a quick rundown of just some of the content that Bungie was keen to show off:



  • Warmind takes Guardians back to Mars, in the Hellas Basin patrol area
  • The Hellas Basin is situated near the polar ice cap of Mars
  • Rasputin has woken and has set off a chain of events throughout the solar system, which includes melting the polar ice caps
  • Clovis Spring, the birthplace of Destiny technology, has also begun thawing


  • Mars is now officially the birthplace of Rasputin
  • A new Frozen Hive faction has begun thawing out
  • The Escalation Protocol generates escalating waves of enemies
  • Clovis Bray is a fictional corporation that ties into the narrative, similar to Weyland Yutani from the Alien universe
  • New character Guardian, Anna Bray
  • The cornerstone of Warmind, friend, vendor and linked to Rasputin, Anna Bray will lead Guardians through the Warmind Campaign

Escalation Protocol


  • Bigger challenges, to make Destiny 2 even harder according to community feedback
  • Has Public Event characteristics
  • Anyone can run up and join in on the action
  • Any player can run up and start an Escalation Protocol
  • Escalation protocols feature technological pillars that draw
  • Seven waves of enemies in total, with unique mechanics at the end
  • Each wave has its own boss
  • A different final boss “week over week”, for five in total


  • Each boss drops unique rewards
  • Unique drops that can’t be acquired anywhere else in Destiny 2
  • Weapons dropped by enemies have unique perks
  • One such weapon is a Sniper Rifle that gives a huge damage boost after aiming down its scope for a short period of time
  • Specific rewards, specific perks for Escalation protocols
  • Rasputin-themed armour and weapons
  • Hive swords are back
  • Shadow Rifts spawn, which need to be taken out before a timer runs out
  • These rifts are guarded by Hive Knights
  • Later waves will require more critical teamwork planning and gear loadouts
  • Armoury Codes will reward players with tokens that will reward Guardians with new weapons to use in Escalation Protocol
  • One such weapon shown off was the Valkyrie Lance
  • Escalation protocol is exclusive to Warmind, after the main campaign has been finished


  • A new Emote-wheel for every single player, to give Guardians more emotes to use at any given time

Season 3 changes


  • Available to all players regardless of DLC
  • Valor Rank is for casual players in Quickplay and rotating playlists
  • Glory Rank is attached strictly to competitive playlists


  • Rank changes according to performance, and goes up or down according to your win/loss record
  • Consecutive wins result in streak bonuses across Valor and Glory ranks
  • More risk for competitive matches, according to fan feedback
  • Crucible Rewards linked to challenges


  • Valor Rank can be reset after it maxed, to unlock more rewards
  • Uncapped system for Valor Rank
  • One gun each season, for players to chase
  • New gun shown off, Redrix’s Claymore
  • Includes a Desperado perk that increases rate of fire with no cooldowns
  • Private matches are back, similar to Destiny 1 in its options
  • New options for various game setups to increase versatility
  • New Crucible map, Solitude

Exotic tuning


  • Big goals for Exotic weapons patch will “increase the feeling of exoticness
  • Focus on making everything stronger and faster, while leaning into the fantasy of the Exotic weapon setup
  • Similar, but with a little “extra something”
  • Fighting Lion has been retuned to be a beast, now has more ammo and detonation gives more damage at the expense of impact
  • Kills with a grenade guarantee a energy ammo drop
  • Not all Exotics have been touched, only those that the community most requested changes for
  • Graviton Lance has also been rejiggered to be a really good weapon for all activities


  • Will give Vigilance Wing a good run for its money
  • Graviton Lance has a more competitive time-to-kill ratio
  • A two-round burst pulse rifle, with a weak first bullet and a much higher damage second bullet
  • Also benefits from the recent Pulse Rifle buff
  • Riskrunner’s Arc Overdrive perk has been increased, giving Guardians more Arc Damage resistance and now works in PVP
  • This perk also enables when the weapon has been stowed, but has to be pulled out to get the damage resistance
  • Skyburner’s Oath has also received some of the biggest changes
  • Skyburner’s Oath now has more spectacle befitting an Exotic
  • There is now a more distinctive divide between the faster hip-fire and accurate sights fire with


  • Skyburner’s Oath also has explosive target-seeking rounds now
  • Hard Light can have its damage types changed on the fly and its ricochet rounds now cause double damage
  • More trick shots for Hard Light, more spectacle
  • More weapons with “rough edges”, to give players more OP guns
  • Crimson is also more competitive, with more ammo in its reserves
  • An aggressive family hand cannon, using a slow three-round burst
  • Changed so that the first bullet of the final burst is the killing blow
  • Sturm has more bonus damage with certain rounds in its magazine
  • Sturm can be overloaded when used in conjunction with Drang


Last Updated: April 24, 2018

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