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The Order: 1886 is an impressive game coming from the guys at Ready at Dawn. It was revealed at E3 and looked so intriguing. Then we struggled to find out more. Now, there are a bunch of new details that have emerged.

First up, we have news about the visuals. As explained by Geoff after he went to Gamescom, the visuals and physics in The Order will be truly revolutionary. No longer simply textured polygons, everything is modeled with soft-body physics, which means it will react to external forces. This means that a wall will buckle before splintering, and stronger materials will feel different to weaker ones. This engine was only possible because of next-gen capabilities, and it adds a ton of realism to the effects in the game.

The Order 1886 takes a lot of inspiration from the stories of Arthur and the knights of the round table. In fact, it appears to be a strange retelling of the allegory. A mixture of history, fantasy, sci-fi and mythology, The Order focuses on a war between the different creatures that have appeared on Earth. While ‘half-breeds’ are given mythological names based on folk-tale characters, they are actually a new species. The order is a group seeking to save humanity from the half-breeds, led by a man named Arthur. They discover a substance called Black Water that slows aging and allows them to wage war across many centuries.By the 19th century, half-breeds are winning the war, but new discoveries during the Industrial Revolution are turning the tide. Sir Galahad, the protagonist, has begun to question his role due to his long life and renown.

Woven into the story is revolutionary London. Rebels are unhappy with the disparity between rich and poor. Despite being aware of the war with the half-breeds, people are no longer willing to live under government oppression. In this way, The Order uses an alternative view of history, mixed with fantasy elements. Although I’m definitely more excited about the steampunk aesthetic.

Despite being a third-person shooter, Ready at Dawn insists that the game will have a ‘filmic’ experience, making the experience more like a big-budget movie. That said, we will see classic shooter elements – Galahad can move from cover to cover, firing shots with a semi-automatic pistol. Alternatively, he can pistol whip an enemy at closer range. There are also a wide variety of weapons:

The feature mentions a “multi-purpose combo gun” and a “lightning-spewing arc gun”

Many of the weapons are prototypes, so feel a bit of “wild and dangerous”

The Thermite Rifle fires condensed aluminium iron oxide that scatters into shards, making enemies cough. After several shots a super-hot flare is fired into the clouds igniting them

Man, that sounds like a lot of fun. I may suck at shooting in games, but I still really want to play The Order. It just has such a cool design and so many interesting elements. This game simply can not come soon enough! I can’t imagine you guys still haven’t seen the original trailer, but just in case, here it is again.

Last Updated: October 10, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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