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New Watch Dogs Legion trailer explains how you’ll play as anyone, including an old man who randomly dies

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VIVA LA REVOLUTION! Eat the rich, break down the walls and fight the system yo! Watch Dogs Legion is coming, and it’s taking its hacktivist roots to a whole new level as players are tasked with reminding the suits in government that the people can only take so much before they’ll rise up and revolt with several strongly-worded Instagram protest pics like and subscribe please.

Push people beyond that limit though, and they might actually…do something. What is that something exactly? Well contrary to popular belief, it won’t just be a quick purchase of the latest Rage Against the Machine album and a cheap V for Vendetta mask but solid action. That’s the premise in Watch Dogs Legion, as London is now in the iron grip of a private military corporation and only an army of citizens can fight back against the scourge of privatised security with a license to kill.

You’ll need to recruit people to your cause, but how exactly does that work? Exactly like this, according to the latest trailer which explains the nuts and bolts of the play as anyone system:

So basically, anyone you pick in Watch Dogs Legion, may come with unique perks such as a beer-powered defense boost and random debuffs such as dying on the spot because old age is a bastard. Oh Alan, we hardly knew ye because you’re a mad old codger who runs around in a Palace cavalry helmet while wielding a light machine gun that you use to inject lead into the bellies of Albion security at point-blank range.

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Anyway, thousands of potential recruits who all come with their signature quirks, but you’ll have to perform tasks with them before you can switch to someone else. Throw in a level-up system, some cosmetics and Bob’s your uncle mate. You’ve got the making of a crack team who are ready to take back London while basing the fash. Well, as soon as Alan wakes up that is, because he has been dozing off in the corner and I’m starting to get the feeling that he may be pining for the Fjords.

Last Updated: August 20, 2019

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