New Witcher 3 patch finally fixes tiny text

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The Witcher 3, like any other open-world game of this size, suffers from a few hiccups. CD Projekt Red has been steadily patching things up though, with almost bi-weekly patches since launch. The biggest issue with the game (according to the loud outcry) rests with the in-game text. It’s a little on the small side for some, but thankfully it’s finally getting fixed.

Patch 1.04 for consoles and 1.05 for PC is expected to land this week, with CD Projekt Red’s Community Coordinator Marcin Momot posting an incomplete changelog of tweaks it will bring. The headliner of them all is the change to the text, which will supposedly be a little more legible after the update. The patch also brings some stability tweaks and a host of fixes to quests and niggling bugs – like not being able to get on Roach, for example.

  • Geralt will not longer interact with candles near chests and other interactive elements.
  • General stability and performance improvements
  • Significantly Enlarged GUI and HUD elements (including fonts) on consoles and slightly on PC.
  • Improved camera smoothness
  • Performance improvements during some cutscenes.
  • Fixed case where game was crashing on loading a save in certain situations
  • Various bug fixes and user experience improvements in GUI panels.
  • Fixed issue where some players were unable to run after Wandering in the Dark quest
  • Fixed issue where players were unable to talk to Eight after the Lord of Undvik quest
  • Too many wild hunt minions were spawned during Ciri’s Story: Fleeing the Bog quest.
  • Fixed issue where Keira could sometimes fall under terrain during Wandering in the Dark quest
  • Fixed issue where Player was unable to move freely during Blindingly Obvious quest
  • Fixed issue where Player was unable to activate portal during Wandering in the Dark quest
  • Fixed issue where Player could get trapped in Turseach castle ruins
  • Fixed issue where Roche was not present at Hanged Man’s tree during Eye for an Eye quest
  • Fixed issue where Player was unable to talk or interact with certain NPCs
  • Fixed issue where Sirens in quest Lord of Undvik could be invulnerable.
  • Fixed issue where player was unable to use certain actions after Carnal Sins quest
  • Fixed issue where Geralt was sometimes unable to mount Roach
  • Fixed issue where some players where experiencing infinite loading screen during King’s Gambit quest.
  • Fixed issue where Simun was not properly spawned in An Unpaid Debt quest
  • Fixed issue where player might have had a progression break after choosing certain dialogue option when talking to Dijkstra in Count Reuven’s Treasure quest
  • The Pyres of Novigrad quest is of course going to be fixed as well as the XP glitch.

The patch is expected to drop on PC by Wednesday latest, with consoles trailing behind thanks to certification delays. Regardless, you should be able to grab the update before the weekend rolls in – after which CPR will probably start cracking on remaining issues not yet addresses. Momot did stress that this log isn’t complete, and that the studio is trying to squeeze in as many fixes into one patch as possible. No one likes frequent updates.

But I am glad that one of the biggest issues that many have with the game is finally being addressed. It may not have affected me or you, but there are scores of payers finding it painful to play – and that’s just depressing.

Last Updated: June 1, 2015

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