New Xbox 360 update causing consoles to hang

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I knew this story was going to be hitting the Internet I just didn’t expect me to be the one who posted it first.

Early this morning the update arrived on my local console and I was prompted to install it as required. The installation went smoothly and was completed really quickly so I was pretty impressed so far.

Then I decided to check out the new Avatar gear that is available and that is where it all started to go wrong, as I was browsing the blades I noticed a distinct lag when switching between some of the blades, I presumed it was because the data hadn’t loaded yet and was simply disappointed that this problem still existed.

However as time went on it got worse, every single Avatar screen lagged to death and eventually started causing the entire console to freeze. I would then wait about 5 seconds and things would come back to life. Not Good.

Next I wandered over to the arcade game listings and started checking out the new ratings system, first up was Battlefield 1943 which I just had to give a 5 star rating to. I opened the title, clicked A 5 times and only 3 stars appeared. A few seconds later the other stars appeared… Then I clicked submit and nothing happened. I clicked it a few more times and eventually my rating was saved and I was sent back to the main screen where  it stayed, I pushed every single button on the remote including the guide button and nothing.

I eventually went over and pushed the power button on the front of the console and still nothing. I held the button down for 15 seconds and nada… the things was dead.

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I pulled the power cable out the back and inserted it again and the console came back up without any issues. I then played about an hour of Battlefield without any issue then decided it was time for some more Splosion man and once again my dashboard hung on me. Thankfully this time the guide button seemed to wake it up and I could haltingly coax it over to Splosion man, which then ran perfectly.

In short the games are running perfectly fine but my Dashboard is a dog and the console is incredibly unstable, I personally am expecting it to RROD or E74 any day now.

Last Updated: August 12, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I read an article somewhere on this yesterday,well. . . .the 360 OS uses a small memory footprint of ram,its 30mb compared to the 128 or whatever of ram the ps3 uses. .I think its catching up with the 360. . .loading more and more features. . .while using 30mb ram. A bit like playing all the the Sims2 with all the exansions with the ram at min bigtime

  • WitWolfyZA

    well it could also be because that the xbox is overheating as well, seeing it must load all these textures in a certain amount of time, and substaining it in 1080P resolution, my xbox also hanged alot before it died… I see it already………People going on killing sprees,train surfing and even throwing xboxes out of windows due to RROD or E74 poping up…. I give it 2 months

  • al360rulz

    ya mine did the same and i just left it for about 5 mins and then it came right and it slowly but surely got better with time but it is a worrying factor as it affects the whole experiance which we pay for so
    not good MS not good !!! :angry: :angry:

  • janrik

    Strange. Post update my blades are super fast. used to lag pre-update…

  • Fox1

    No need to pull the power cord Lazy. Just unplug the network cable and then press the power button 🙂

    Try these:
    1)Turn of the 360. Remove power cable from wall socket. Remove the HDD and put it back in. Plug the 360 and all should be fine. The cache should be cleared 😉
    2)Unplug network cable and see if the dashboard is still slow. It could be that there are unfinished downloads in the background.

  • eXp

    I rate it’s our shitty connection to the MS servers overseas. Whenever my console is offline it works 100%, but go online and the odd blade will hang. I’m almost 100% sure that it’s simply downloading the content for the page you wish to view (be it a blade, your friends list, whatever) and it’s not used to such slow speeds (i.e. our shaped lines)

  • Pollynator

    I agree, its more then likely that its waiting for a response from a sever and because our latency is so bad it feels laggy.

  • eXp

    I think the title of this article should be “New Xbox 360 update causing Lazygamers console to hang” :silly:

  • Karl

    My console was working perfectly well, no problems at all. I hadn’t played in a couple of weeks. This evening I turned it on to play some Fight Night Round 4. NEW UPDATE. OK, I download the update and the console reboots. XBOX 360 screen, then…nothing. It’s hung. OK, power off, power on. Still hanging. Multiple power cycles later it finally doesn’t hang and it tells me there is a new update. Repeat.

    I have downloaded the new update 4-5 times now, but each time after downloading and rebooting, the system just hangs. WTF?!

  • eXp

    You must download the first half of the update. Then a menu pops up after restart which downloads the second half of the update.

    Patience is key. :angel:

  • Neftool

    Thnx :biggrin:
    Ik worked!

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