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The new Xbox One dashboard is fixing my pet hate

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X1 Dashboard (4)

There’s a lot to like about Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Most first-party game purchases will now get you double the fun on PC with some cross-play, their 2016 line-up looks aces and the hardware itself is evolving with a smaller console on the way. That doesn’t make the Xbox One perfect however. There’s still several issues plaguing it from being a knockout device, with the user interface that supports everything being downright polarising.

But there’s something else that has always made me grind my teeth out of sheer frustration, when it comes to the Xbox One software. Updates. Look, the Xbox One is a data-heavy machine that has many, many more updates per game than what you’d see in a PlayStation 4 title. And that’s something that I can live with.

What I downright detest however, is never knowing when I’ll need to update a game like The Division for a scenic bullet-riddled tour of New York City. We’ve all been there: You’re ready to play, you’re waering your favourite stretch pants and the second you start your game of choice, an update notification appears. What’s even more grating is that said game can’t even be played in an offline mode (like what the PS4 allows with updates) while it’s being patched up.

It’s a serious pet peeve of mine, that is probably responsible for most of the stress in my life. That problem is sort of being fixed with the next Xbox One dashboard. Because at least you’ll be able to see what exactly needs updating before you start a game up. Take a gander below:

X1 Dashboard (10)

X1 Dashboard (7)

Much better! While it doesn’t solve all of the problems, I’m liking what I’m seeing. It’s a better form of cluttered UI I think, and the rest of the dashboard doesn’t look too bad either. Expect to see it for yourself next week probably, to celebrate the anniversary update of Windows 10. Here’s a gallery of what the rest of the dashboard looks like to peruse through.

Last Updated: July 29, 2016

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