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New XCOM 2 enemy revealed

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XCOM 2 faceless

Firaxis had a panel during PAX Prime where they talked about XCOM 2 and Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide. There were a bunch of details given, and those who sat through the whole panel were rewarded with a reveal of a new enemy that looks pretty badass.

During the panel (thanks PC Gamer) you can watch a whole discussion about the various aspects of the game. You can watch the full thing below:

We learn that Mutons are even bigger than they looked when we first saw them in July, and the fan-favorite Chryssalid has been buffed with the ability to burrow underground and spring out, much like a land mine… that happens to turn people into zombies. But it’s the reveal of the Faceless that will probably get people particularly excited, even though we know basically nothing about them. They sort of remind me of the silence from Doctor Who, but I don’t remember anything else worth telling you*. If you just want to see that bit, you can skip ahead to the 36:35 mark.

XCOM 2 really is looking incredible, with all kinds of new elements that make it worth playing. From new squad customization to these new enemy types, I’m seriously impressed with what they’re doing for this installment in the franchise. Of course it meant that the release was delayed into next year, but we don’t mind delays when it means the games are awesome, right?

*Apologies for this ridiculous pandering to the Doctor Who fans among you.

Last Updated: September 15, 2015

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