New Yakuza Game Announced, Not What You’d Expect [Updated]

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You know Yakuza, that GTA-esque game that uses a shockingly realistic portrayal of Japan while a former Mob man runs around kicking the hell out of bad guys? Well, it seems Sega is bored of realism and plausibility, and decided to shake things up.

With zombies. Yes, zombies.

[Update 1: Trailer after the jump]

This week, Sega unveiled the game (entitled “Ryu ga Gotoku: Of The End”) in the popular Japanese magazine Famitsu. Instead of cleaning the streets of bad guys, you team up with said bad guys to kill zombies. The main character, Ryu, gets trapped in the Kamurocho district with 3 bad guys from the series and the zombie outbreak. All 4 characters will be playable while you escape the outbreak. The plot is very similar to Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, and the premise sounds a lot like Left 4 Dead.

When speaking to Famitsu, series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi spoke about the sudden change in the series:

“We’ve been releasing Yakuza games at the rate of one per year. The engine’s been gradually improved down to the lowest of levels, and technologically it’s gotten a lot better, but we still need to evolve — and in order to evolve, we have to tear things down first. We need to find the right timing for that, but we don’t want to disappoint gamers by putting an ‘under construction’ sign in front of Yakuza. So with this game, I’d like to simultaneously tear things down and unfold some new developments in the series.”

When asked about the Zombies, he stated:”Kenzan (Yakuza game set in the medieval times) blew away the classic formula by setting it in old Japan. With this game, I want to blow it away again in a different way. I think Yakuza is the sort of game you can play constructively in lots of different ways, and that’s exactly why I wanted to try something like this. This isn’t some kind of experimental work, though — it’s a fun, full game, and we’re very confident as we continue work on it.”

Expect to hear more about this bizarre Yakuza title from TGS.

Source: 1UP

Last Updated: September 15, 2010

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