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In Other News – 04 February 2016

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The Figueira household grew smaller this week. That’s right, my sister has moved out and into the city of flat mountain. All you Capetonians, be nice to her, mmmmkay, else you’ll have me to answer to! Wait, why are you all laughing? I’M BEING SERIOUS DAMMIT I WILL BEAT YOU (in any online game of your choosing)!

In Other News: Mods for GTA and Fallout 4, Rocket League is driving to Xbox One soon, VIRGINIA (in snow sculpture form), and Kojima and Del Toro will talk at the same time at DICE.

Here’s all the news we didn’t post today, because we were too busy sticking rice to the rotating blades on cooling device. It’s fantastic.


Mods Turn GTA V’s Map Into Something Out Of The Last Of Us
Doujin hack-and-slash coming to PS4 this month
Batman: Arkham Knight Linux and Mac ports canceled
Report: Rocket League Should Be Coming To Xbox One This Month
CCP reveals new EVE-based FPS, an “evolution of Project Legion”


Dragon Ball, The Super Huge Snow Sculpture
Attention, Pokemon hipsters: The Red/Blue soundtrack is on vinyl now
Nintendo reveals the most popular amiibo of 2015
Titan Shows Off Art From New Deus Ex Comic
Kojima and Del Toro holding joint DICE talk
Play as Metal Gear Solid characters in Fallout 4 with this mod


Undertale’s Final Boss Fight, Recreated in Mario Maker

Morrowind-in-Skyrim mod Skywind is looking great in this new update video

Pokemon Break Down: The Evolution of Gaming

What’s on @ The Movies?

Public complaints damn LUCIFER to local TV hell
Someone’s calling from the future in this bizarre featurette for HAIL, CAESAR!
Justin Theroux talks IRON MAN 2 criticisms & his doubts about AVENGERS
Confirmed: THE FLASH will crossover with SUPERGIRL
Harry Potter, friendship, drama, corpses, farts… just WTF is SWISS ARMY MAN?

Model: My little Luna having a nap. Again. AWWWWW!

Last Updated: February 4, 2016

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