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In Other News – 18 February 2016

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I started playing a certain game last night – one that a very kind reader gifted to me (his name rhymes with shmay shmay). Wanna know what the game is? Here’s a hint: it has dads and showers. I wish it had eye bleach included too, because AAAAH MY EYES!

In Other News: Riot built some internet, a new Rocky Horror game is in development, Mincraft gets its own loot crate-esque monthly service, and an introduction to Broodmother.

Here’s all the news we didn’t post today, because we were too busy falling asleep at our desks.


King of Fighters XIV adds four characters including the King of Dinosaurs
League of Legends was too slow, so Riot built a private internet to make it go faster
Tales of Symphonia port gets much needed improvements thanks to modders
Rainbow Six Siege 2.1 patch brings dedis support for custom games to PS4 & Xbox One


Cutting Open The Vehicles From Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Minecraft is getting its own Loot Crate-esque monthly service
How Austin Wintory brought ‘Journey Live’ to life
8 Ways To Fix Street Fighter V
Notch and Tracy Fullerton to receive GDC Awards honors
Send your companions home with delightful Fallout 4 mod


Need to Know is an NSA simulator, now on Kickstarter

Genuinely useful survival tips from The Flame in the Flood

The DOTA 2 Reporter: Meet the Broodmother

What’s on @ The Movies?

Julianne Moore might be THE KINGSMAN 2 villain, but there’s no sign of Colin Firth
Guardians 2 cast revealed with teaser image!
We review Hail Caesar! – a hail to classic cinema
British cinema comes out to play DAD’s ARMY

Model: This ridiculously cute kitty

Last Updated: February 18, 2016

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