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Next-gen graphics will blow minds

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We’ve seen a small glimpse of what the next-gen consoles will be offering, thanks to Sony’s Playstation 4 blowout; and we’ll soon be getting a taste of what Microsoft’s console will offer when they finally show it off later this month. And while pretty graphics aren’t the only thing that’ll sell the next generation, they will “blow your mind,” says Ubisoft.

It all comes down to the power afforded by the next gen systems, which are closer to PC architecture than consoles have ever been before.

"I think that amount of power gives a lot of freedom to our creators," Ubisoft’s CEO Yannis Mallat said in an interview with Game Informer (via Nowgamer), "and then it’s up to them to tailor and tame that power to what suits the game the best."

"It’s really on a game-by-game basis," he added.

And while it’s the graphics that might get people taking notice, it’s not the eyecandy that’ll keep players engaged.

"I think minds will be blown by the graphics as a hook, as an entry door," said Mallat. "To me, what’s lying beneath that or beyond that will keep our players involved. When you think about that, even on current generation systems it always takes some time for developers to tame the machine – especially the PlayStation 3."

Instead, it’s everything else – especially the social and connected elements that will make next-gen, well, next-gen. Thankfully, the similarity to PC tech means developers will spend less time on fiddling with graphics, and more time making good games.

"This time we may see creating amazing games on the visual side of things very quickly," said Mallat, "but to me the social complement and connected thing will be the next-gen experience compared to the current generation system.

"That being said, you’ll be blown away by graphics."

Last Updated: May 9, 2013

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