Next-generation consoles are still at least two years away, says Ubisoft

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Ubisoft estimates new consoles are at least two year away

Console generations have been thrown into disarray by Microsoft and Sony this cycle. Last year Sony released their first mid-step evolution with the PS4 Pro, while Microsoft this week launched a significantly more powerful Xbox One in the X. Both consoles aren’t new generations though – something usually defined by a lack of backwards compatibility, and the full migration of development from one platform to another. The estimates on those are up in the air, and Ubisoft reckons it’ll be a while still until we see them.

That’s according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, who spoke about the next-generation of consoles during an earnings call (reported by Gamespot). Guillemot explained to investors that while Ubisoft doesn’t have any confidential information regarding new consoles from either Sony or Microsoft, the company’s internal estimate presumes both companies will launch new hardware in two years. That’s a best case scenario, with Guillemot confident we won’t see anything at all before then.

Ubisoft estimates new consoles are at least two year away 2

That’s not a bleak picture given the current state of affairs with consoles right now. Both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are remarkable steps forward for their respective console families, even if their capabilities are still hamstrung by the weaker consoles they have to keep in tow. Guillemot praised both Sony and Microsoft for their efforts with the new hardware, saying it allowed Ubisoft to make more beautiful looking games for consumers to enjoy.

There’s no real need for a full new generation right now, but there will come a time where the original Xbox One and PS4 start to hinder the abilities of their bigger siblings significantly. Both consoles are four years old this year, but graphical technology is racing forward at a significant rate. Who decides to cave on new hardware first will be interesting to watch unfold.


Last Updated: November 9, 2017

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