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Next week, you’ll be able to buy an Xbox One bundle for R3999

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The Xbox brand is fifteen years old now, and we’ll have something more on that later. It’s not really uncommon, but very many of the people that I still call friends and play games with today I met through Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online gaming service.

I was fortunate enough to own an original Xbox, which ended up seeing most of its life being used as a very competent and capable media player and emulation machine, but I didn’t really use its online services, because I didn’t really have worthwhile internet. That changed the next generation with the Xbox 360, which for a long time was the best overall system you could get. It came out before the PS3, played games better than the competition and had the most robust online gaming network system to be found anywhere.

The Xbox One didn’t fare quite as well. Under the helm of Don Mattrick, The Xbox One’s initial messaging was muddied and confused – focused less on being a great gaming system than it was on being an entertainment hub. That’s changed a lot under Phil Spencer’s direction, which has seen the Xbox ship righted. The Xbox One, especially the newer S, has become a pretty damned desirable bit of technology.

Unfortunately, as we found out yesterday, the Xbox One S won’t be available in South Africa until the first quarter of next year. That’s a real pity for those sporting 4K, HDR screens and those looking for a UHD Blu-Ray player.

If, however, you’re looking for great gaming at a great price, you’ll start seeing some incredible bundle deals for the regular old Xbox One. Next Friday is Black Friday – a day associated with great deals in the US, though that’s started spilling all over the world.

Anyway, on Black Friday you’ll be able to get an Xbox One, bundled with a brand new game, for R3999. That’s damned steal – and a great way to jump in. We’ll keep you updated on specific deals in the run up to Black Friday – but maybe start stashing R3999 away, okay?


Last Updated: November 16, 2016

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