Next Xbox to ship with portable Kinect?

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All the news websites are scrambling over themselves trying to figure out what Microsoft has up its sleeve with their next Xbox announcement rumoured to be in early May. With the PlayStation 4 already showing a good hand it’s all or nothing for Microsoft now.

We already know that there will be an updated Kinect device shipping with the new Xbox but a patent site, PatentBolt, has uncovered a detailed patent for a far more powerful Kinect-styled device that will pick up even the smallest gestures.

The actual patent is really complicated but the base idea I’m getting from it is that the new Xbox controller will also have gesture sensors in it and you will be able to play a title using the standard controller and use pinching, swiping and pointing gestures simply and naturally by letting go of the controller for a second and making the movement above the controller.


How that will actually work is still a mystery but a Kinect that can pick up even the smallest motion could really make motion controls a valid input for the more serious gamer, even though it could make you look like you’re having a mini fit while gesturing to your hot keys in a heated battle.

Both the PlayStation Move, Nintendo Wii and Kinect all work with a camera in the front and as such they all have the limitation of having to guess depth. Having multiple gesture sensors on the controller itself not only massively aids in that estimation but also allows for more detailed analysis.. it could end up being a great idea but I have to admit I’m wary of exactly how useful it really would be.

Last Updated: April 16, 2013

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