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NGP hardware and games hands-on impressions go out early

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It looks like somebody got a little ahead of themselves; a site called Mobile Review has released an early hands-on review of Sony’s new handheld, the NGP, along with screenshots of some of its games.

According to the review, Sony’s “produced the console we’ve been waiting for or near perfect.” Whatever THAT means.

The games shown in the review are Uncharted, the new Wipeout, an augmented reality fighting game called Reality Fighters,  handheld version of Housemarque’s awesome Super Stardust HD and what looks like a new Pixeljunk. There’s not much to be said, other than they all look pretty exceptional..well except for Reality fighters, which looks exceptionally awful. I’m generally not really interested in hand-held systems unless they offer interesting, unique experiences, usually pointing out that if I wanted to play console games, I’d play console games…but who am I trying to kid? These games look great! With the NGP already boasting a more impressive launch line-up than Nintendo’s 3DS, Sony’s PSP successor is sure to make waves in the handheld arena.

IT seems an embargo on NGP reviews is about to be lifted, so expect TONS more NGP info today.

Read the full review here (via neoGAF)

Last Updated: June 2, 2011

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