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Nine more minutes of charming, but complex, Unravel gameplay

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Unravel puzzle gameplay

Unravel was a standout surprise at E3 this year, and even more so because it made its debut with EA as a publisher. The little, 2D physic platform looks like the exact opposite of what you’d expect from the big-budget publisher, but it’s charming lead and unbelievably passionate game director stole the show at EA’s press conference, and we’ve been thinking about it ever since. But don’t let it’s cute exterior fool you into thinking it’s going to be an easy game.

Courtesy of IGN, we have nine more minutes of splendid Unravel gameplay, showing a variety of puzzles and environments you and Yarny will have to explore and solve. These puzzles range from the fairly mundane in the opening segments, but quickly ramp up in complexity and difficulty as the game progresses. That’s plain to see too, with some of the platforming near the end of the nine minutes looking rather taxing.

Unravel makes excellent use of Yarny and his yarn exterior in gameplay, with the protagonist leaving a trail behind him as he ventures forward. As you progress and use your yarntastic abilities to get around and solve puzzles, Yarny himself will start thin. Abuse your abilities or use too much yarn on a particular segment, and Yarny won’t be able to reach the next nail – a grace point where you can pull back your errant thread and start over again.

It’s a perfect harmony between gameplay, aesthetic and narrative, considering Yarny’s own journey looks to be one that players are going to be emotionally invested in. Just don’t look at me if I’m making it rain from my eyes by the time I reach the end. Unravel is out next year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and I can’t wait.

Last Updated: November 24, 2015

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