Ninja Blade Gameplay – All too familiar

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[ Dramatic Re-enaction of the staff meeting that birthed the ideas behind Ninja Blade ]

Hey, what was the name of that game that sold really well again? God of what? Oh, God of War, cool thanks. Hey what was the name of that other game that’s pretty popular on that other console? Ninja Gaiden? Oh that was cool as well.

Hey… I bet that if we took those two games and mashed them together that we would get, like, a ton of sales. We can call it the God of Ninja Blaiden or is that too much? Ok, let’s just call it Ninja Blade then, that’s catchy right? Oh man, we are gonna be rolling in it with this one.

Seriously, I took one look at this video and wondered how Ninja Gaiden and God of War actually managed to pro-create, considering that they are video games and don’t even come equipped with the correct tools to do the nasty.

For all I know, this game may prove to be a lot of fun but I cannot deny that it looks like a real rip-off of some good sellers. I have checked the google-machine to see if Itagaki (the creator of Ninja Gaiden that just recently left TECMO) is involved with the production but have so far come up with nothing.

Thoughts Anyone?

Last Updated: December 1, 2008

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