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Ninja Blade Theme Coming to NXE: Put the credit card down!

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Very soon, the first set of Horse Armor, I mean… let me start again.

As you all know, the NXE dashboard update has brought with it a whole lot of possibilities in terms of friends list backgrounds as well as avatar clothing options. Microsoft have now announced that they will be continually releasing theme packs that include avatar clothing over the next six months.

Pretty soon, a Ninja Blade theme is going to be released for Xbox Live that not only comes with a background image and friends list backdrops, but 5 pieces of themed clothing to wrap around your new Xbox Live Avatar.

As much as I am enjoying the new dashboard, I am sorry to say that a new era has begun in terms of paid downloadable content. While I already thought it pretty ridiculous that so many people were spending tons of money on gamerpics and dashboard themes in the old dashboard, the new dashboard brings with it an entirely new way to draw gamers’ money out of their wallets.

The price has gone up as well. More after the jump.

While the old dashboard themes had a price tag of 150 points, the new ones are coming in at 250 points and while they are significantly more interesting than before I do feel that is a bit much. Though I can still see a whole lot of people throwing their money at Xbox Live just to get some interesting clothing and backdrops to look at.

At the same time, I have to wonder… if one of you are on my friends list and you download and add new items to your avatar, doesn’t that mean that I will have to download them automatically when I next see you in my friends list? I think so.

So tell you what, do us all a favour. Save your money by not spending it on silly outfits because at the end of the day, you will be saving all of us a bunch of bandwidth as well.

source: Destructoid

Last Updated: November 21, 2008

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