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Nintendo Ambushes GTA Week in the USA?

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VGChartz.com has published the American sales figures for the first week of GTA IV and I have to say that I honestly expected more….

Granted there was a surge in sales and Wii Sports is finally off the top of the software pile but the hardware sales didn’t increase by as much as I thought they would. However a very suprising thing happened as well… The Wii shortage has instantly disappeared the same week that GTA IV was released… Any bets on Nintendo attempting to sabotage the other consoles by stock piling enough consoles and then releasing Mario Kart on the same week? No? Well check the sales figures and then think again.

clip_image002 398,710 (+420%)  11,138,433
clip_image004 154,044 (+1%)     22,617,845
clip_image006 145,196 (+76%)     4,878,758
clip_image008 119,345 (+62%)    11,720,463
clip_image010   83,414 (+19%)    12,595,803

And on to the software where Nintendo didn’t manage to steal all the glory.

clip_image002[4] 3,611,154 (+239%)  99,806,926
clip_image004[4] 2,901,918 (+276%)  67,085,856
clip_image006[4] 2,109,052 (+238%)  28,668,719
clip_image008[4]    991,871 (-20%)     93,509,750
clip_image010[4]    289,499 (+3%)      49,582,557

So in the software side Microsoft was the biggest winner, with the PS3 having the second biggest increase but still falling behind the Wii in total software sales… Any guesses on which title reached the top of the pile this week?

1. GTA IV (Xbox 360) 2.3 million
2. GTA IV (PS3) 1.2 million
3. Mario Kart (Wii) 1.2 million

Other noticeable titles were Iron Man at number 11 with 73k and that Army of Two Xbox 360 version has now sold 800k units.

VGChartz.com | American Weekly Chart

Last Updated: May 6, 2008

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