Nintendo Ambushes GTA Week in the USA?

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9 has published the American sales figures for the first week of GTA IV and I have to say that I honestly expected more….

Granted there was a surge in sales and Wii Sports is finally off the top of the software pile but the hardware sales didn’t increase by as much as I thought they would. However a very suprising thing happened as well… The Wii shortage has instantly disappeared the same week that GTA IV was released… Any bets on Nintendo attempting to sabotage the other consoles by stock piling enough consoles and then releasing Mario Kart on the same week? No? Well check the sales figures and then think again.

clip_image002 398,710 (+420%)  11,138,433
clip_image004 154,044 (+1%)     22,617,845
clip_image006 145,196 (+76%)     4,878,758
clip_image008 119,345 (+62%)    11,720,463
clip_image010   83,414 (+19%)    12,595,803

And on to the software where Nintendo didn’t manage to steal all the glory.

clip_image002[4] 3,611,154 (+239%)  99,806,926
clip_image004[4] 2,901,918 (+276%)  67,085,856
clip_image006[4] 2,109,052 (+238%)  28,668,719
clip_image008[4]    991,871 (-20%)     93,509,750
clip_image010[4]    289,499 (+3%)      49,582,557

So in the software side Microsoft was the biggest winner, with the PS3 having the second biggest increase but still falling behind the Wii in total software sales… Any guesses on which title reached the top of the pile this week?

1. GTA IV (Xbox 360) 2.3 million
2. GTA IV (PS3) 1.2 million
3. Mario Kart (Wii) 1.2 million

Other noticeable titles were Iron Man at number 11 with 73k and that Army of Two Xbox 360 version has now sold 800k units. | American Weekly Chart

Last Updated: May 6, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • darthdad

    Wow, look at the PS3 figures! I never thought they would increase sales of their machine by this much with GTA. 😯
    The Wii is something entirely different, and I expected the Xbox to do this well at least. But those PS3 figures might be showing us that all those playstation fans out there that Sony keep harping on about our finally finding the PS3 attractive?

  • Fox1

    The software sales for the 360 are up again 😀

    I just wonder why so many GTA’s sold on the 360 and not as much on the PS3 😕

    @Lazy- Did GTA break HALO’s record for best opening sales in a week ❓


    i didnt know iron man was already released,where can i get it?

  • LazySAGamer are selling it but I don’t know about any local guys…. It was made by Sega which is distributed by Nu-Metro here… let me see if I can find out when we are getting it?

  • darthdad

    “I just wonder why so many GTA’s sold on the 360 and not as much on the PS3 :???:”
    Probably because there are more 360’s than PS3’s? 😐

  • Why?!? Are you into self flagellation? It’s scoring 47 on metacritic at the moment. And falling!

  • bhw

    If ever there was any proof that Nintendo rules the roost this gen then surely this is it. The week that the highest grossing franchise in Playstation history is launched the Wii shifts more hardware than the 360 & PS3 combined and a plumber driving a go kart matches the sales of GTA 4 on the PS3

  • ManesanZA

    This also typifies Nintendos Strategy for this Gen. Sell alot of hardware with quality first party games with a gimmick thrown in here and there to keep the casual market interested i.e. Wii Sports, Wii fit etc

  • I think it’s only good news for the industry. I think it shows that it’s maturing and diversifying, which is healthy. Look at Speed Racer. They’re not even bothering with it on the HD platforms because that’s not where the target audience is.

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