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Nintendo believes 3DS’ two big stumbling blocks resolved

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The 3DS is a great little machine. I love mine, and I’m curiously addicted to the system’s built-in added features, like Streetpass. I’ll do pretty much anything to add more people to my Mii Parade. That’s the thing though; I spend more time messing about with that than I spend actually playing games. Since its stellar launch, the 3DS’ momentum has dropped sharply, largely due to a lack of real Nintendo games.

That’s one of the problems Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime says has now been fixed.

“When we launched, we had a fantastic day one and a very strong week one,” the beefy Nintendo head relayed to Kotaku, adding, “But when we started talking to consumers who were aware or interested, but hadn’t yet bought, they told us two things: first, I need a big Nintendo franchise for our purchase. The second thing was I need the network to be up. I need the connected experiences to be there.”

The 3DS launched in the West with just a handful of games, and only one of them – Pilotwings – was an established Nintendo franchise, but hardly a blockbuster like Mario, Donkey Kong or Legend of Zelda. “So now we jump to where we are,” said Fils-Aime, pointing out the release of the 3DS remake of Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time, adding that “We’re going to follow with a steady drumbeat of Star Fox and Kid Icarus and two Mario titles and the Luigi title.”

Regarding the online aspect, Fils-Aime  said “We’ve just done the first network update. We’ve got the eShop up and running. We’ve got the 3D movie service still on track for the summer. We’ve got Netflix still on track for the summer. So I think we’re well underway to having that addressed as well.”

“My expectation,” he concluded “is that with the adjustments we’ve made, we’re going to be back with strong momentum on the 3DS.” As I said, I love the 3DS, and I’m waiting patiently for some good games. They’re coming, but is it a case of too little too late, or will the 3DS pick up speed and reach the heights of their last handheld, the DS?

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: June 21, 2011

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