Nintendo gave out free Wii U’s

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Sometimes two companies come together for a partnership that makes sense, and other times the collaboration seems a bit tenuous. In a strange twist, Nintendo has partnered with SouthWest Airlines in the States. To kick off that partnership, Nintendo let Mario surprise a bunch of passengers.

SouthWest Airlines gained international notoriety years ago when they were the first low-cost airline to require overweight passengers to book an extra seat on the plane. Well, now they’re sharing the fat of the land as they gave over 100 passengers free Wii U consoles.

During a flight from New Orleans to Dallas, Mario surprised customers with the announcement that each of them would be getting a Wii U. And just look at these happy travelers. I wonder if Nintendo also sponsored a can of Ginger Ale for the passengers seeing as all refreshments cost extra on SouthWest Airlines.

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It’s all part of Nintendo’s bid to get more people to experience the Wii U. Their partnership includes rolling out kiosks in airports where passengers can get hands-on time with the Wii U during the heavy traffic period in December. I’ve got to say, I think that’s pretty clever. The Wii U is hard to understand until you’ve played with it – it’s fantastic, underused technology. Given that the kiosks will let passengers play Super Mario 3D World, it could almost be enough to make Geoff want to fly domestic in the US of A.

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Last Updated: November 27, 2013

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