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Nintendo is asking everyone to not talk about the 3DS… yet

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Even though I am currently living the marketing experience of gaming it always amazes me how much control publishers and developers attempt to have over their products and how much of the hype can be managed in the months before a title or device is released.

The latest example is Nintendo who are keeping dead quiet about the upcoming 3DS and who have been asking publishers, developers and retailers to not say much about the device until they say so.

And since publishers and developers need all the help they can get from Nintendo this strategy is working perfectly.

According to IGN’s new Nintendo editor, Rich George, the big N will let everyone know when they can demo their titles and amaze the world and that date is expected in late January 2011.

I can’t really fault them for managing the publicity around their own device but I need to know what games are coming out for the 3DS and I need to know now… the 3DS is my tip for consumer device of 2011 but without quality titles it will just become another gaming paperweight.

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Last Updated: December 8, 2010

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