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Nintendo issues a recall on the 3DS – Updated!

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The Nintendo 3DS has been available for retail in the west for only a week, and already Nintendo is issuing a recall of the handheld. Nintendo has apparently received hundreds of thousands of complaints ranging from nausea and dizziness, to seizures and in some cases, sudden onset death. Coupled with recently reported hardware errors causing permanent system lock-ups, Nintendo has deemed it prudent to recall the device in Europe and the USA.

The reported maladies are a result, according to one source, of too much awesomeness being beamed directly in to the brain. The Nintendo 3DS has been available in Japan for over a month without the same reported issues, but researches now believe the Asians’ somewhat slanted eyes aid in blocking out a great deal of the expelled multi-dimensioned awesome. When asked for comment, Nintendo representative Shigatsu Baka said “We are deeply saddened by the unfortunate recall, but equally lament the fact that our physical characteristics deny us a measure of the brain-melting magnificence of the 3DS.

There’s been no word on any such recall locally, but we’ll keep you updated should we hear anything.

[Update] Yes, this was a silly April Fool’s joke, as anybody who read it would know. We sincerely apologise for any mass hysteria caused to and by those who only read headlines. Thanks for the giggles though.

Last Updated: April 1, 2011

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