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Nintendo more afraid of Apple than Microsoft

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Nintendo more afraid of Apple than Microsoft 2

Reggie Fils-Aime (head of Nintendo of America) was recently interviewed by Forbes during which he chatted about the opposition. Not just the other large hardware and gaming companies, but companies and services that you wouldn’t expect, with Fils-Aime admitting, “I compete with Zynga, I compete with surfing the net, I compete with the newspaper”.

He means that he competes with the above for people’s attention. The more time people spend using Nintendo products the better. About the traditional rivals to Nintendo however, Fils-Aime’s response was somewhat untraditional but perfectly logical in light of the amount of time people spend using their devices.

Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation brand were Nintendo’s chief concern in recent years. Fils-Aime thinks that’s all about to change: “Do I think that in the near future they [Apple] can hurt us more than Microsoft? Absolutely.”

However, Fils-Aime maintains that from a gaming perspective Nintendo will continue to hold its own against Job’s company; Nintendo’s focus is on casual and core gaming. Apple’s focus is largely casual gaming with smaller titles that people can pick up for a couple of minutes.

If Nintendo is looking at Apple as its biggest opposition, one has to wonder what market Nintendo has its sights on. There’s a ton of money to be made from casual gamers.  Or is Fils-Aime foreshadowing that a number of traditional Nintendo gamers are going to be jumping ship to Apple’s devices in the future? He probably has little to worry about for the next year or so; we all know that the 3DS is going to sell an obscene amount of units when it launches in 2011.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: October 25, 2010

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