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Could this be the Nintendo NX’s controller?

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Every generation, Nintendo’s new consoles brings with it a unique and interesting controller. Or at least, it has since the N64, which was the first major console to include analogue inputs. From then, all of their controllers have been a little left of centre; the Gamecube’s controller is a natural evolution of the N64’s, but the Wii’s motion controlled “remote” was unique, interesting and innovative (even if it wasn’t really as accurate as it should have been).

The Wii U has that tablet-like, hulking gamepad – and if this new rumour is to be believed, the Nintendo NX will also have a tablet-like, touch screen controller. That’s according to a rumour posted on Reddit, Destructoid and Dual Pixels, which seems to show a “leaked” version of the system’s controller.

Take a look:


It seems to be a haptic, touch controller with analogue sticks built in to the screen, armed with touch-screen buttons. What makes it interesting, I suppose, is that it very closely matches an earlier patent from Nintendo.


Of course, that could just mean the “leaker” made a digital (or 3D printed!) forgery using the patent as a guide.

Personally (and though the image doesn’t appear to be doctored) I don’t buy it. For starters, it looks about as ergonomic as a dropkick to the spine, and also seems to be very, very expensive to produce – which just isn’t the Nintendo way of doing things. It also just looks fake to me, with inconsistencies in the lighting and the lack of physical face buttons leaving me very sceptical.

If it is legitimately the new controller for the NX though, I’m worried about the direction that Nintendo’s going with this. No physical front buttons? No sale.

Last Updated: March 18, 2016

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