Nintendo spends $100 million on… something

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It’s no secret that Nintendo are not doing well in this generation but they aren’t about to go bankrupt thanks to the massive war chest that the Nintendo Wii accumulated for him.

And it looks like Nintendo have made their first big move by spending $100 million on some brand new technology. David Gibson, a Tokyo based analyst, tweeted out the following last night.

So what is it? No one is saying so all we know is that it is tech related.

Obviously the first thought is hardware but tech can also cover software engines, servers, cloud services or maybe new iPhones for everyone.

Another journalist in the twitter stream seems quite convinced that it is going to be another lifestyle option like the Wii Fit or the common fitness apps that are being released for smartphones.

Hard core gamers are probably rolling their eyes at this news but for Nintendo shareholders this is good news.

Microsoft and Sony have stolen the entre hard core market and Nintendo would be better suited to concentrate solely on handhelds and housewives if they want to make this money back.

Last Updated: May 8, 2014

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