Nintendo Switch third-party games include Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and more

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Nintendo’s first-party efforts may be consistently fantastic, but it’s the third-party side of a console that can make or break the device. That’s a mistake that the Nintendo Wii U made, as that odd console was basically ostracised by other developers a year or two after launch, hurting it in the long run. Nintendo clearly wants to avoid a repeat of the past however, as the Switch press conference revealed a slew of third-party games that’ll arrive eventually on that system.

And it’s a fantastic line-up, if you’re into JRPGs:

  • Fire Emblem Warriors
  • Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Dragon Quest Heroes
  • A new Shin Megami Tensei

On the Western front, EA Games announced that they’d be bringing FIFA to the Switch, while Bethesda’s Todd Howard also popped up to confirm that Skyrim was also on the way. Sega also appeared, to reveal that they were in fact aware of the Switch, before they vanished back into obscurity. Suda 51 then ran riot, leaving his poor translator way in over his head as he hinted at the return of Travis from No More Heroes.

A sizzle reel then kicked off, with Nintendo providing glimpses at future games, such as a new HD port of Street Fighter 2 that is rumoured to be the classic game but with new characters to choose from…

Last Updated: January 13, 2017

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