Nintendo Wii Media Launch

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So I was lucky enough to scrape an invite to the Nintendo Wii media launch that was held at the Wanderers Country Club yesterday.

To be honest I really didn’t feel like going and was not so interested in hearing a bunch of marketing people jibber jabber on about something I know about already… Death by Powerpoint again… But I decided to go and hassle them about the overpriced, badly marketed Wii anyway.

Well that was the plan, when I got there I was astounded. They had put up 9 huge Plasma’s to ‘practice’ on and there were tons of well educated Wii marketers running around helping out wherever they could. The whole thing was entirely well put together and managed. We sat through a 10 minute briefing of the system and what there plans are and then we were allowed to play again.

I was very skeptical about how well the Core Group were going to do with the Nintendo licence, but after yesterday I am very very optimistic about it. They have tied up all the retailers already, the games are coming, the units are here and well stocked. The price is higher than I would have liked but when you compare us to the UK we are pretty much evenly priced.

The Nintendo Wii is a beauty to behold, the way it transformed the normally boring journalists into a bunch of arm waving maniacs was amazing, it truly was a sight to behold 😉

I just can’t see how anyone is going to be able to resist picking up one of these before Christmas as it is just so much fun. Yes the graphics are nothing like what we have come to expect from the 360 or PS3 but to be perfectly honest the graphics in Zelda are not half bad.

Now for some details that you may or may not care about.

Recommend Retail Price = R2899
Wii Remote = R499 (R599 with Wii play bundle)
Nunchuk = R249
Classic Controller = R249
AAA games = R599
Games = R499

We will be getting the virtual console ability in Q1 2008, they are not targeting hard core gamers really but they do expect us to pick it up as a secondary console (and they are right 🙂 ), they are very much targeting lapsed gamer and people who haven’t gamed before.

You can start purchasing the Wii this weekend at pretty much all the major retailers, once again I recommend supporting our local speciality gaming stores like BTGames.

Last Updated: September 27, 2007

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