Nintendo’s back on the road to profits

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Whenever the bullshit in gaming brings me down, this picture reminds me that games are all about joy.

It’s been a tough time for Nintendo. It’s Wii U hasn’t done quite as well as anybody would have hoped, and some of its properties haven’t been selling as well as they should either. The company’s suffered regular annual losses of late, with investors calling for Iwata’s head. Wise people, though,  would say you should never count Nintendo out. And they’re right; Nintendo’s on the road to profitability again.

The company’s revealed its latest financials reports, and has said it’s made an operating profit of around 215 million yen (2 million USD) for the period between July and September this year. Compare that with the 18 billion yen operating loss in the same quarter last year, and you can see that things are starting to turn around for the house of Mario. In fact, they’re on the road to making an annual profit. Nintendo’s also revealed that the Wii U is in an upswing phase, with the company having sold 1.12 million Wii U consoles in the last quarter. That brings the total global sales of the console to 7.29 million, with 41.67 million games to accompany them.



The 3DS, which had a slow start, has now sold through 45.42 million units and more than 186 million games. Smash Bros on the 3DS accounts for 3.22 million of those, shifting that many copies in the month and a half since its release. That’s rather incredible. The Wii U version is coming before the end of the year, and is expected to help the system become one of the more popular Christmas gifts this holiday period.

This is all good news for the gatekeepers of the Mushroom Kingdom and its fans. With More Wii U’s in homes than Xbox Ones at the moment, you’d imagine there’s  be a little more 3rd party support, but alas – the thing’s being propped up almost entirely by first party titles. Luckily, they’re almost always excellent.

Last Updated: October 29, 2014

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