No ETA on Xbox One twitch streaming

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No streaming

Streaming on is becoming a standard practice for some. It’s an opportunity for people to show off their skills at games, at the PS4 even facilitated some unintended porn. However, Xbox One users still have a while to wait before they can join in on the fun.

Here is the tweet from Twitch Support:


I must confess, I don’t understand why there’s a delay on the Xbox One version when it works on PC and PS4. The app must be there in some way, shape or form – there is an existing Xbox Live app for Xbox 360. Surely it’s just a matter of linking it with the video capture capabilities of the console? I know programming is never that simple, but this feature was already announced at E3; they’ve obviously known about the need to create this functionality for a while, so what’s the hold up?

I wonder if, like the issues with PS4 and Playroom streams, we’re going to see people using the Kinect ostensibly for picture-in-picture streaming but actually for something far less family friendly.

Either way, it’s a shame for Xbox One users. You can’t show off how awesome you are at COD compared to PS4 players. With currently dominated by League of Legends players, it would honestly be nice for some added variety from Xbox One. Oh well, suppose we have to wait for some undisclosed time in the future for that functionality. At least when Xbox One eventually launches locally, we should have all the bells and whistles working. Ah, optimism.

Last Updated: January 9, 2014

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