No FIFA 15 Legends for PlayStation

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LegendsThe new gen versions of FIFA 14 are genuinely a generation ahead of their counterparts on the old consoles. The Ignite engine that powers the football simulator makes it a far more fluid and realistic game. You can probably expect the same for FIFA 15. Only, one of the game’s additional features is going to exclusive to Microsoft’s consoles.

Earlier this week, placeholder box art for FIFA 15 leaked to the internet, letting the world know that the FIFA ultimate Team Legends mode, which allows players to use favoured football legends from eras past in their ultimate teams – would be exclusive to Xbox platforms. FIFA 14 featured the likes of Freddie Ljunberg, Ruud Gullit, and Dennis Bergkamp; names which all mean absolutely nothing to me.

EA’s confirmed as much.

“We’re not talking about FUT 15 just yet but yes, Legends will continue to be only on Xbox platforms,” an EA Sports spokesperson told Eurogamer.

The only issue with these legendary players is that they’re randomly generated when people drop money on Ultimate Team Gold Packs, and were so rare that I’m not sure anybody’s even seen one. If they’ll be working the same way in FIFA 15, this is hardly a selling point worth mentioning.

What do you think? Does the exclusion of Legends from the ultimate team mode on PlayStation platforms matter to you, or is this wholly inconsequential stuff?

Last Updated: June 19, 2014

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