No Final Fantasy XIII demo for English territories, lead female name revealed.

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Square Enix announced a demo of FFXIII would come with the Blu-Ray edition of Advent Children (seriously, how many editions of this movie have come out?) in Japan. So, as most rational beings would do , people assumed it would hit other markets too. However, as Destructoid reports, the demo will only come out in Japan. Why? Who knows, but I’m certainly not the only one disappointed.

Also, unlike the Resident Evil 5 demo which many non-Japanese gamers got their hands on, its safe to assume the text will be very important to actually playing the demo. Unless your Japanese is up to scratch, giving this a miss might be the best and least frustrating option till an English demo is released

To quell the disappointment, they revealed the name of the lead protagonist-  Dia Walruva, which is a truly awful name. However, in hindsight, Squall and Tidus weren’t so hot either. Lets all just hope FFXIII turns as ZOMG awesome as the screenshots suggest it to be. Definitely a day one purchase for all RPG fans.

Source: Destructiod

Last Updated: January 14, 2009

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