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No funding for Rochard sequel

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So, many of you might not know the game Rochard, but, it’s freaking amazing! This is one of my all time favourite physics based platformers and now, Recoil Games don’t have the funding to finish the sequel <insert very sad face here>.

If you haven’t played or seen or heard of Rochard, let me introduce you before I express my sadness for no sequel.

Why!? Why don’t have funding for Rochard’s sequel!? AND LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

Recoil Games stared working on the next instalment of the adventure shortly after the launch of Rochard on PSN, but sadly, due to some financial drawbacks they’ve had to bring the development thereof to a halt. Recoil states that the trouble began when the PlayStation Network store got hacked soon after the delay of Rochard’s release date until late September 2011, making layoffs, inevitable. Recoil managed to get the title onto Steam though for its Steam and Mac App store releases.

Recoil commented that when the game finally became available on PSN late September, there wasn’t enough hype for it to sell well dispite it being IGN Editors’ Choice and receiving many other rewards. The studio had no funding to do any further marketing themselves and had no choice but to rush the title to Steam despite the bad marketing time.

As a result of all the financial woes the studio has suffered, production for the sequel is at a standstill while Recoil tries to make some monneh.

Recoil recently released some very impressive pre-production gameplay for the sequel, check it out.

Last Updated: October 5, 2012

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