No Kingdom Rush Origins for PC

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Kingdom Rush Origins, the newest game in the tap-happy stable of cartoon fantasy tower defense games from the chaps at Ironhide Game Studio is out. Its’ the best one yet; Offering far more variety, balance and challenge than Kingdom Rush Frontiers and the original game. It’s available right now on your mobile platform of choice. Unfortunately for those waiting for a PC version, you’ll probably be waiting forever. In an open letter, Ironhide Games Studio’s Juan Amorin confirmed that there’d be no PC version this time around. For PC gamers it stings a little, as the game started its life as a free flash game.

“It’s been over two weeks since the release of Kingdom Rush Origins and so many of you have reached out to us asking about the PC version, that we believe you deserve a straight and honest answer. So here it,” the letter begins

To our Beloved and Awesome PC fans,
It’s not you, it’s us.

We love you. You are a crucial part of the gamer community. And we are very much aware that PC is where it all really started for Ironhide and the Kingdom Rush series.
PC offers so many cool features that makes the Kingdom Rush series fun and different from the Mobile experience. The large screen, the mouse controls, the free hand for stuffing pizza in our faces… it’s an awesome way to enjoy any game out there, not just our own.
But even if it breaks your hearts, and even if it makes you super angry, here is the bottomline…

We won’t be able to make Kingdom Rush Origins for PC. Period.

Their reasoning sounds pretty solid. They’re a small team, and each different version of the game is made from scratch using different engines. It’s a might silly way to go about things, but it was forced by necessity. In future, they plan on making games in a single, easily portable engine to avoid this sort of thing happening again. They’ll spend the next while still making games. It won’t be Kingdom Rush Origins for PC though – and It may not be Kingdom Rush at all.

“It will be something different. We need to stay creative to avoid stagnation. Motivation is key in this industry and we shouldn’t repeat the hardships experienced while making our previous games over and over again.“

Kingdom Rush is a series we here at Lazygamer just adore – it’s just about the most polished TD game on the planet. Personally, I think tablets are the perfect place for Kingdom Rush – but I do feel for Pc gamers who won’t be able to enjoy the newest one.

Last Updated: December 9, 2014

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