No, Kojima isn’t teasing Metal Gear Rising 2

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Metal Gear Rising 2 in development?

With Hideo Kojima taking the stage at the Taipei Games Show this weekend, I expected some word on whether or not The Phantom Pain is close to launch or not. Metal Gear Solid V still doesn’t have a release date, but that was fine because it seemed like a tease for a Metal Gear Rising sequel took its place instead. Turns out it was all a lie.

Geoff Keighley, big buddies with Kojima himself, has said that the suspiciously telling “2” in Metal Gear Rising font during the livestream somehow didn’t come from Kojima Productions. In fact, they’re al blaming Sony Computer Entertainment for the apparent hoax, which in no way links to a sequel of the Raiden-focused hack and slash title.

The trailer was made by SCE, which means Kojima and his team had no hand in it. Although, it’s not hard to imagine a Metal Gear Rising sequel working. The game was a massive departure from the original, stealth orientated idea, instead focusing on outlandish, brutal slicing action with everyone’s favourite cyborg ninja (suck it Gray Fox). Kojima is also notorious for consistently misleading fans and media alike, so it could very well be yet another rick roll.

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Put it this way; I’d play a MGR sequel in a heart beat. As imperfect as the first one was, it was a hell of a lot of fun, and I think with a far more focused approach from the start it could rival some of the best hack and slash adventures out there. Make it happen Platinum and Kojima.

Last Updated: February 2, 2015

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