No Man’s Sky disc size is ridiculously small

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No Man's Sky is super small on disc 2

No Man’s Sky is one of this year’s most anticipated games, and I don’t think I’m the only one looking forward to it for one particular reason. The space explorer uses some incredibly complex mathematically formulas to generate, populate and propagate its massive universe, and the intrigue of seeing that work in real-time is what really has its hooks deep in me. The game is so well generated using these formulas though, that the actual size of it all is ridiculously tiny.

For a game that is touting itself to be one of the biggest worlds ever created in a video game (by a long, long margin), No Man’s Sky is rather small on disc. Programmer Sean Murray answered some questions on Twitter over the weekend after the game went gold last week, revealing that the data on disc only takes up 6GB of space. That’s right, 6GB only.

Even more impressive is the fact that the majority of that space is reserved for audio. That makes sense too, since the game will also generate its soundtrack using the library of bits it has to better suit your current on-screen experience. Music is a little harder to create without samples, but it’s just a testament to the amount of procedural magic that is taking place in this game.

Outside of sharing the size, Murray revealed that the game passed certification on its first try (it’s still currently pending in Japan), and that the team is already working on the game’s first patch. Whether that will be one aiming for launch day for some time after isn’t clear, as is any indication of what they’re already try to fix and improve. But if that game itself is that small, I wouldn’t wager the patches are any bigger.

No Man’s Sky is out on PS4 and PC on August 9th.

Last Updated: July 11, 2016

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