No Man’s Sky is getting a patch that’s going to make “some people very happy”

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Some players are still enamoured with No Man’s Sky and its wide, but shallow look at outer space. Others? Not so much.  The algorithmically charged game has largely been a victim of its own hype, with reactionary fans lambasting the game for not quite being what was promised.

That’s the problem with expectation, in that it very seldom matches with reality. Right now, very many people are unhappy with No Man’s Sky. That said, developer Hello Games is busy working on a patch that company head Sean Murray says will make people happy.

But what is it exactly that’s making people unhappy? Of course the internet has answers. According to a comprehensive list of things that were believed to be in the game but aren’t, anyway. The list is exhaustive, and can be found here.

Here’s a very, very brief overview of what players are complaining is missing.

  • The loss of planetary physics, which were said to govern many different systems, seemingly in a cascading effect from the top down: | 1 2 3 4
  • The retooling of ships to make them all functionally identical, rather than having different classes for different playstyles, essentially homogenizing ship play into a single playstyle: 1 2 3
  • The reworking of factions from something with broader significance, into the very simplistic system we have now: 1 2
  • Resource distribution following none of the rules that were spoken of, instead resource variety is more shallow than we’d been lead to believe, so distribution was seemingly homogenized regardless of planet-based factors (likely an effect of the loss of planetary physics)1 2 3 4 || This also had a knock-on effect for trading, which was trivialized by the ease in which most resources could be found: 1 2 3, and also crafting, which went from something Sean hoped would be community drive a la Minecraft (likely because there were far more resources originally, a la Minecraft, there’s more evidence of this than just the crafting,) to something that could only be done through recipes the game must teach you before you can actually use: 1

It can all be perfectly encapsulated with this:

Once again, No Man’s Sky has collapsed under its own hype, but I can’t blame people for being pissed about the game being so shallow, when much of its marketing material and pre-release patter set up expectations for it to not be.


Last Updated: August 17, 2016

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