No medic class in TitanFall and it will look better

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There was a closed Alpha of TitanFall recently and a lot of complaints were posted about the low res textures of the game and how it didn’t really look nearly as good as you would expect from a brand new AAA game.

However it was stated before the Alpha that the textures weren’t the final game quality but yet that didn’t stop the complaints that kept coming. Respawn has now once again clarified this beyond any reasonable doubt by stating.

But notice how the question around the 16 maps was ignored as well as a follow up question regarding whether the Xbox One version will be 1080p.

They were then asked if the game would have some sort of medic / revive system which was answered in the negative.

What I don’t get though is why do all games that have a medic class allow that medic to revive you no matter how you died? Surely it would make sense for all soldiers to have base medic ability but if you get a titan dropped on you or you are taken out with a headshot then you are done for.

However some lead to the gut can result in your innards being pushed back in and stapled up to continue the good fight? I previously worried about the small game modes for TitanFall but the hype train has hit me again and I can’t wait to get into the battlefield with my Titan of choice.

Last Updated: January 31, 2014

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