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No more PS4 vs Xbox One digital game price discrepancies

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Nearly identical

There has been quite some outrage over digital sales lately, and rightly so. EA was seriously ripping people off (surprise, surprise) and the PS4 digital versions of games are more expensive than Xbox One versions. Now EA and Ubisoft have solved the problem, and explained why it happened to begin with.

It just goes to show that sometimes your outrage can make companies change. EA and Ubisoft PS4 digitally distributed games are now priced equivalently to Xbox One digital games. That’s right, just in time for the PS4’s launch, there is price parity across both systems. That said, digital games are still priced above retail versions in most cases, and there’s still some indignation about why this happened in the first place. Well, Ubisoft can explain it for us; apparently, it all comes down to pricing matrices:

Both Microsoft and Sony provide pricing matrices for games sold digitally via their respective services, similar to the way tiered wholesale pricing works on Apple’s iTunes

Developers, including Ubisoft, then select a wholesale price within those tiers that best corresponds to our expectations of the games’ overall value and market potential. However, the final retail prices are determined by the vendor.

Ubisoft goes on to explain that the two matrices aren’t identical, which is why the prices don’t align. They know about this problem and are looking at ways to solve it. Well done Ubisoft, nice to see you guys grabbing the bull by the horns and fixing this. I still think retail is probably best for a while – even without considering the cost of the game, the download sizes for these next gen current gen games makes it such an inconvenience. How many days will it take for me to download that? I’d rather just go to a shop and buy it outright. Only downside of retail, I can never just buy one game – always end up walking out of the store having bought far too much.

It’s good to see that Sony was able to work with EA and Ubisoft to bring the prices to where they should be. I just hope that this isn’t an issue that raises its ugly head again.

Last Updated: November 28, 2013

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